September 19, 2022

Here’s to the first week of Autumn! As the equinox approaches later this week, the feel of fall is really in the air. But last week’s rainstorms also brought hail to many areas of Northern Arizona, including at Whipstone Farm. The hail storm caused a lot of damage in the fields and we are still waiting to hear what crops got wiped out for the remainder of the season. Storms like this highlight why the CSA model is so important. Shareholders are committed to buying the produce that is available throughout the growing season, ensuring that farms are still supported despite these setbacks. Thank you again for being part of our CSA community!

This week we have a lovely Autumn basket for you. Apples from Oak Creek Apples in Sedona are an extra special treat. Rob Lautze has been maintaining a number of orchards in Oak Creek Canyon for decades. He puts so much love and dedication into producing the best organic apples and we are so happy to share them with you. We also have leeks and potatoes this week, the perfect combo for potato leek soup! Whipstone Farm’s potatoes do require refrigeration to maintain their freshness, and are best if eaten quickly. They are not cured for long term storage, which is why they come in a plastic bag for refrigerator storage. And last but not least, we have purple green beans. These beans are purple when fresh, but turn green once cooked. They are beautiful and delicious, so we hope you enjoy them!

Have a wonderful week.

What’s in your basket – September 21st

Apples – Oak Creek Apples
Cucumbers – Willowbrook Farm
Green beans – Willowbrook Farm
Leeks – Whipstone Farm
Pepper mix – Willowbrook Farm
Potatoes – Whipstone Farm
Radish sprouts – Camptown Greens

Purple beans turn green when cooked.

Bug damage on the fall lettuce crop at Willowbrook Farm.

Cover crop progress: fully grown and ready to be mowed…

… mowing in progress…

… and mowing complete! Now the cover crop can break down and fertilize the soil.