Every Monday, from May through October, our team of growers and volunteers decide what crops will be harvested and included in shareholders’ weekly baskets. On Tuesday and Wednesday, crops are harvested. On Wednesday, crops are delivered to our three pickup locations, in Cornville, Camp Verde, and Sedona. Shareholders pick up their produce on Wednesday between 4-6pm and enjoy the fruits of our local farmers’ labor.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA allows members to buy  a “share” of the produce grown by local farmers during the growing season. Members’ produce shares are distributed on a weekly basis.

How do you choose what goes in the weekly basket? The contents of the baskets vary from week to week and season to season. Each week, we determine which crops are ready to harvest, and we choose 6-10 different items to include in the CSA basket. You can count on a delicious selection of familiar vegetables and fruits along with a handful of unusual produce. We collaborate with our two primary growers, Willowbrook Farm and Whipstone Farm, as well as other small farms and orchards in the Verde Valley to help fill the baskets.

What can I expect to receive in the weekly basket? Every season there are some crops that do exceptionally well and others that produce less than expected. There are crops that grow well in our area and some that just don’t. We share the benefits of bumper crops and the risks of crop failures, inclement weather, and pests with our shareholders. That is why we cannot accurately predict the amounts or specific items you will receive each week. We do, however, promise that you will receive your money’s worth of local, organic produce.

What if I don’t like something in my bag? We provide a “trade basket” where you can place your unwanted items and pick up something else that another shareholder has donated to the basket. However, most shareholders take home everything in their basket. One of the benefits of being a shareholder is experimenting with new produce. Our weekly newsletter provides recipes, usually focused on the less typical produce you receive that week.

What if I can’t pick up my share? Please arrange for someone to pick it up for you. Produce that has not been picked up at the end of distribution is donated.

How is my money spent? The administration of Verde Valley CSA is run entirely by volunteers, so all of your money goes directly to our growers with the exception of a few office expense such as paper, stamps, and website hosting.