September 14, 2022

Happy Monday! The rains we’ve received over the last few days have been so lovely. I even wore a sweater this morning for a few hours! Fall is creeping ever nearer and this week’s basket is a perfect indication. Butternut squash, onions, radishes, and head lettuce are welcoming in the cooler weather. And broccolini, cucumbers, green chiles, and scallions are still giving a taste of summer. I am so excited to dig into the roasted green chiles. If you aren’t ready to eat them right away, just put the bag straight in the freezer and pull it out to thaw whenever you are ready to enjoy. But I can’t deny that the real star this week is the corn!

Bob Haskell has a small farm near old town Cottonwood, where he grows a wide variety of produce. He sells at the Verde Valley Farmers’ Market in Camp Verde, but every so often we are lucky enough to enjoy some of his wonderful produce. This week we are blessed with his delicious corn! Organic corn is incredibly difficult to grow because insects love corn. From the june bugs that tried to eat all of the pollen tassels when the corn bloomed, to all of the little bugs that like to nibble on the tops of the ripening ears of corn, it is hard to bring a crop of corn to harvest. So we are incredibly lucky to have this corn in our baskets this week. Please remember that organic corn often has some insect damage at the top, so if your ears are looking a little rough, just cut off the end and enjoy!

Have a lovely week!

What’s in your basket – September 14th

Broccolini Whipstone Farm
Butternut squash Willowbrook Farm
Corn – Bob Haskell
Cucumbers – Willowbrook Farm
Green chiles – Whipstone Farm
Head lettuce – Whipstone Farm
Onions – Willowbrook Farm
Radishes – Willowbrook Farm
Scallions – Whipstone Farm

Bob had to fight off hoards of june bugs that were eating the corn tassels and could have prevented pollination.

All that hard work paid off!

Beautiful organic corn is such a treasure.