June 15, 2022

The heat is on! The cicadas are humming, the sun is blasting, and the creeks and rivers are beckoning. All the while, our growers are out in the fields planting, weeding, and harvesting. Bless them! This time of year is when produce really starts to kick into gear. Whipstone Farm has started harvesting carrots and summer squash, which will be in our baskets soon enough. This week we can enjoy another green-heavy basket with head lettuce, salad mix, microgreens, and Swiss chard. These green weeks won’t last much longer, so enjoy them while you can!

Flower shares begin this week. We are so excited for another incredible season of Whipstone Farm’s flowers. As you might imagine, flower farming is a completely different animal, and Shanti has grown their floral program into an example for rural farmers around the world. These flowers are grown right over the hills in Paulden and are such a blessing. If you aren’t signed up for a flower share and like what you see, Interdependence Natural Foods in Sedona usually stocks a few Whipstone bouquets each week. Here are some tips to make your flowers last longer.

Have a fun week!

What’s in your basket – June 15th

Beets – Whipstone Farm
Head lettuce – Willowbrook Farm
Microgreen mix – Camptown Greens
Mint – Whipstone Farm
Purple daikon radish – Willowbrook Farm
Salad mix – Willowbrook Farm
Spring onions – Whipstone Farm
Swiss chard – Willowbrook Farm

They look different from what is grown in the field, but still so pretty and tasty.

Head lettuce needs sun protection too! These heads are staying safe under shade cloth.

Head lettuce at Whipstone is looking amazing too!

It’s hot enough now for all those pepper plants to go in the ground at Whipstone.

Here come flower shares!