September 1, 2021

It is the first week in quite a while that we haven’t had tomatoes. We will still get more of them in the weeks to come, but they are beginning to slow down, along with some of the other peak-summer crops. Late summer crops are beginning to come in though. This week we get our first winter squash – delicious spaghetti squash from Fasteen Farms. My kids love making “spaghetti” with this squash and have been looking forward to it for weeks. I hope you enjoy it as much as they do! I’ve included a recipe for spaghetti squash that isn’t like spaghetti for those of you looking for something a little different. As always, the internet is full of creative recipes for all of these veggies.

I’m very excited for Whipstone Farm’s green chiles. Cory takes great pride in these delicious peppers. If you aren’t ready to eat them this week, you can roast them, chop them up, and freeze them in a bag or tupperware container to enjoy later. Green chiles are a great addition to so many recipes, including soups, casseroles, burritos, salsas, and more. If a milder pepper is more your style, we’ll have the first bell peppers of the season this week as well. Along with Willowbrook’s shishito peppers it is quite a pepper week!

Some of you have asked about returning egg cartons. Yes, you may return your used egg cartons to our volunteers and they will get back to our farmers for use another week. Thanks for helping us reduce waste!

Have a terrific week.

What’s in your basket – September 1st
Bell peppers – Whipstone Farm
Collard greens – Whipstone Farm
Cucumbers – Willowbrook Farm
Green chiles– Whipstone Farm
Onions – Willowbrook Farm
Potatoes – Whipstone Farm
Shishito peppers – Willowbrook Farm
Spaghetti squash – Fasteen Farms

The green bean harvest has begun!

Our farmers aren’t the only ones out there harvesting.

Evening flower picking.

Second crop of cucumbers is coming on.