August 18, 2021

Happy Monday! This weekend sure was lovely. Did you all catch the lightning shows the past few nights? What an awe-inspiring display of nature’s beauty. It sure was a great reminder to enjoy a different kind of evening entertainment than most of us are accustomed to. How delightful to sit outside in the cool night air watching the lights and hearing the distant thunder. It doesn’t get better than that!

Whipstone Farm got a monsoon pounding this week, but it limited its damage to the flower crops. Shanti doesn’t feel too badly about it though because it has been such an abundant flower year and there are still lots of flowers to come. At Willowbrook Farm, Hope and Hilary snuck in a cover crop before the rains, giving those soil-replenishing grasses and legumes a great start.

We have another rainbow basket this week! I included a recipe for a summer veggie lasagna, but I’m also thinking about making fresh salsa and caprese salad. My mouth is already watering! So many options with this delicious mix. Another favorite of mine that I make when we get this veggie combo is an orzo salad similar to this one. I have made it for many CSA potlucks and it is a delicious chilled veggie fest.

Have a great week!

What’s in your basket – August 18th
Basil – Whipstone Farm
Cherry tomatoes – Willowbrook Farm
Eggplant – Willowbrook Farm
Jalapeños – Whipstone Farm
Onions – Willowbrook Farm
Roma tomatoes – Willowbrook Farm
Salad mix – Whipstone Farm
Shishito and Italian sweet pepper mix – Willowbrook Farm
Summer squash – Whipstone Farm

These sweet peppers are so bright and shiny!

Getting in a cover crop planting at Willowbrook before the rain.

Roma tomatoes… yum!

Little melons in the field at Whipstone.

Sunset at Whipstone.