September 6, 2017

Happy Labor Day! As so many people are, our farmers are busy working today. They are planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, marketing, packaging, and running their businesses. It is the type of work that never ends, but these dedicated people do it because they love it. Isn’t that what everyone hopes for in their work? So raise your glasses to our amazing growers and think of their dedication this week as you enjoy your produce.

If you were a shareholder last season, you may remember that we had hardly any tomatoes (or fruit) last year. Some years certain diseases impact a crop, or the grasshoppers go crazy, or there is too much or not enough rain, or some mystical force just curses certain crops. Luckily, we are making up for what last year lacked in tomatoes (and fruit) with an abundant season. If you are a canner, now is the time to preserve these vegetables at the peak of their season. There are pick-your-own stands in Camp Verde and overflowing stands at the farmers’ markets, so save a taste of summer now while you still can.

Luckily for me we have okra again this week (yay!). If you struggled with it a few weeks ago, you may want to try what one of our shareholders does and bake your okra into a dessert. I know it sounds crazy, but apparently it’s a thing! So if you want to get adventurous, try baking Okra Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies or search for another okra-based dessert on the internet.

Those of you with flower shares may remember that the end date for this season’s flowers was originally supposed to be last week. However, since Whipstone Farm had to skip a week after the flood, the flower share will now end on September 13th. Shanti wants to offer everyone an extra week to say thank you for your patience and support and to make up for some of the smaller bouquets you received over the last few week. Enjoy these last few weeks of your flower share! And thank you to Whipstone Farm for their gorgeous flowers!

Have a relaxing and wonderful week.

What’s in your basket – September 6th

Bok choy – Whipstone Farm
Cocktail tomatoes – Willowbrook Farm
Cucumbers – Willowbrook Farm
Eggplant – Willowbrook Farm
Kale – Willowbrook Farm
Okra – Whipstone Farm
Radishes – Whipstone Farm
Scallions – Whipstone Farm
Tomatoes – Whipstone Farm

It sure is a great tomato year!

Fall lettuces are coming along nicely.

It is time for eggplant!